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Selling and buying images online

Have you ever been seduced by the idea of getting paid for your photos? If yes, there are some good news for you. It's now easier than ever to earn extra money from your photographs and illustrations by selling them online.

On the other hand, designers now have a possibility to buy high-quality images through online image banks without spending much money.

These days most images are sold online and downloaded by buyers instantly. Whether you want to buy or sell images online, this site will provide you with useful tips on your way to becoming a "Stock Photo Expert".

Featured articles

  • 10 best stock photo agencies to sell images

    29 October 2010
    10 best stock photo agencies to sell images

    This list includes 10 microstock photo agencies recommended for photographers and illustrators willing to sell their images online. The best ones are at the top of the list but all of them are worth trying! Submitting your work to all of these sites will provide 10 sources of income for your business.

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New articles

  • Shooting pets for stock photo sites

    28 October 2010
    Shooting pets for stock photo sites

    Here are some tips to help you make an image of your pet that will sell well at stock photo sites. “Snapshotty” photos of pets will be rejected and won’t sell even if accepted. High quality conceptual stock photos with pets will be accepted and will make good sales.

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  • How stock photos are used?

    13 July 2010

    It is always interesting to see how designers and companies use your images. Microstock agencies do not provide the names of buyers to photographers but the more images you sell, the more often you see them in magazines, in advertising, on posters, etc.

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